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Dear friends!

Company Excluzival Group is pleased to welcome you to our site. Reliable, professional team of experts Excluzival Group will help you in all matters related to real estate (and not only) in Turkey:

Key questions and answers for those who only thinks about purchasing property in Turkey:

  1. What you need to know about real estate in Turkey.

  2. The actions that you need to realize when buying step by step.

  3. The main points at registration certificate of ownership (Tapu).

  4. Insufficient funds to the desired object? Mortgage!

  5. Expenses for registration taxes, duties, gos.sbory accompanying costs.

  6. Insurance deal. Who and why.

  7. Inheritance of property rights is not resident.

Already purchased a property or a yacht? For you, the answers to the most common questions:

  1. Annual taxes and fees.

  2. Property insurance.

  3. Do you want to stay in Turkey for permanent residence?

  4. Thinking what to do? Business in Turkey - ideas and translate them into reality!

  5. The order of stay in Turkey.

  6. Extending a residence permit.

  7. Medical insurance.

  8. Education in schools and universities in Turkey.

  9. The acquisition of the vehicle.

  10. Getting Turkish citizenship.

Answers to these and other questions you may have published on our website. If you can not find the answer to your question, our specialists are ready to advise you personally!

I wish you a pleasant and successful acquisitions,
Company Excluzival Group.

We are always with you!

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