Do you think the question is why Turkey? The answer is very much!


Why Turkey?

What is the secret of such popularity of Turkish real estate? Probably, that in the world there are very few good places where prices have not yet risen to dizzying heights. They are, perhaps, only three - Bulgaria, Turkey and Thailand.

Thailand is great, if you can afford an expensive and long flight, and not typical of European cuisine :) Bulgaria is available, however, the holiday season there is short, and the service and infrastructure is poor. It remains to Turkey. The attractiveness of Turkey at the moment is dictated by the following reasons:

  1. Chic seashores, amazing nature - palm groves, orchards, exotic plants and pine forests ...
  2. The current international situation around Turkey (settlement of the question of Northern Cyprus and the vote on the accession to the European Union) promises a sharp rise in property prices in the near future.
  3. Low cost of living. For comparison, dinner at a restaurant - 300-500 rubles per person, and a monthly living here slegkostyu may be only about 5 000 rubles per person.
  4. Infrastructure - road (public transport cheap and very reliable), telecommunications, medicine (Universal Hospital, for example, has a close relationship with Harvard Medical School, and such elite insurance plans as BUPA, here is cheaper than in Europe).
  5. The high level of education of the population. Most of the population speaks conversational English, German and French.
  6. Set a variety of services - laundry, food delivery, taxis, boats and real estate - all at a very affordable price.
  7. Very beautiful long coastline and a huge number of houses in the immediate vicinity of the sea.
  8. It is estimated that Turkey is a Muslim country, but it is a secular state. Therefore, people can drink alcohol, smoke or wear any clothes, and the Turks themselves are completely European way of life.
  9. Turkey, the so-called Ottoman cuisine is quite varied and refined. Food lovers will find themselves here is at ease! A large number of meat dishes; almost every month here - the season of any sea fish; a huge number of all kinds of delicacies, as well as the world-famous Turkish sweets and wonderful coffee. But the quality of the local dry wines can be compared with the Italian.
  10. Salubrious climate many resorts in Turkey shows people with various ailments. Also here a large number of thermal water and natural mud baths, some of them are glorified by such historical names such as Cleopatra bath (Pamukkale), and others.
  11. Modern Turkey has a great cultural and historical heritage, which still has not been studied until the end .. On its territory lived more than 20 civilizations over more than 10 000 years. This rich history is reflected in the present Turkey: numerous temples, ancient amphitheaters, churches, mosques, tombs, statues of ancient gods, palaces, castles, whole cities, are still detectable as in underground excavations and lost in the depths of the sea depths. And of course, the museums with their extensive and detailed expositions allows you to move from the present day in the distant and mysterious past ...
  12. Turks - people are very hospitable and friendly. Wherever you are, if you need any help, all with joy and help you completely free.

However, this does not apply to questions of real estate purchase.In Turkey, everything from small to large: taxi drivers, Garzon in restaurants and cafes, even any passersby on the street will try to take part in the sale of your property. This is perhaps the only dangerous moment in Turkey, every year dozens of unsuspecting foreigners fall victim to scams and black brokers.

  1. In general, Turkey is a friendly and peaceful country, robberies and crime is very rare.

It has everything for a relaxing holiday or permanent residence: a well-developed infrastructure, beautiful nature, weather ... and a lot, you will discover this magnificent country!

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Property in Turkey

Turkey - hospitable country with a stable economy, excellent urboorganizatsiey, great history, beautiful scenery, wonderfully varied cuisine, etc. etc. Buying Property in Turkey - is primarily a reliable investment of funds, and besides a chic holiday on the shores of your favorite beach - Mediterranean, Aegean, Black, Marmara - to your taste! Property in Turkey - it is everything that you want: Luxury villa by the sea, surrounded by nature; Luxury apartments in metropolitan areas with high rental potential; The cozy apartments ... Sea, sun, nature, pleasant climate and a nice life!

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