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The procedure for the acquisition of real estate by foreign individuals in Turkey

The procedure for registration of immovable property to foreign individuals and legal entities in Turkey is very simple and the most legally protected!

  1. Approval of the deal: the ultimate value of the property, the timing of payments, the special conditions of the parties, etc.
  2. Checking the legal purity of the selected property (real estate agency is performed).
  3. Conclusion of the agreement of purchase and sale.
  4. Adding collateral deposit redundancy real estate.
  5. Getting INN local tax office.
  6. Translation of passport data of the buyer on the Turkish language in the public notary office of the city.
  7. Gathering the necessary documents for submission to the Land Registry Office for re-registration of the property to the buyer (performed real estate agency).
  8. Payment cadastral and administrative fees.
  9. Submission of documents to the military department Izmir (produced inventory management, controlled by real estate agency).
  10. After receiving a response from the military establishment, re-register property in the name of the buyer can have the next day:
  11. Payment of tax on the purchase of 4% of the cadastral value, which will be spelled out in the Tapu (certificate of ownership).
  12. Getting tapas in town cadastral management in the presence of state-accredited translator.

Expenses for registration:

  • Notary - about 100 euros.
  • Translator - about 100 euros.
  • Cadastral fees - from 200 euros.
  • Charges district administration - from 50 euros.
  • Purchase tax - 4% of the cadastral value of the property.

NB: 1. In different regions of Turkey and the cost of registration procedures differ somewhat! They also differ for citizens of different countries! Please specify separately for your case.

2. Registration of ownership of the facilities in the Turkish legal entities in different cases, different from the above procedure, in your case, please consult with our expert.

Our company accompanies you all the way from the beginning to the end of the deal!

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