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Your New Home in Turkey on Feng Shui!

The Chinese believe that to attract into your life health, happiness, success and financial well-being is not so difficult, if put into practice some of the wisdom of ancient knowledge ... Feng Shui - Chinese scientists with more than two thousand years of history. Literally it translates as "wind-water" and is based on the idea of ​​energy interaction homes and the fate of man. The interior of each corner of the apartment is very important. Entrance hallway in the house should be light. If the corridor is very dark, the wallpaper design it lighter tones, colorful paintings adorn the walls, strengthen the coverage. The long, narrow hallway - it's not very good, so hang on a wall mirror that visually expand the space. Various wall decorations, lamps and pots with climbing plants will also be welcome. Kitchen Keep stove and refrigerator were always clean (both outside and inside).Do not keep old pans in the oven and other stuff, because according to feng shui plate - is a symbol of family well-being. Try not to use one or two burners, and all four at a time. On the stove, place nice clean pan - it will attract wealth. Above the dining table, hang appetizing still life depicting the gastronomic abundance. On the table, put a dish of fruit - real or artificial. It is a guarantee that you will always have what to eat and how to treat themselves friends. Wash the plates after meals, not accumulates them in the sink. Try to throw the garbage every day, but not later than eight o'clock. Living It is important that in the main room of the house was less acute angles, and the table was ideally round. The negative impact angles simply eliminated if put to plants with rounded leaves.The living room is very appropriate mirror, as well as fountains, waterfalls and aquariums. After flowing (but did not flow away) clean water - a source of energy, health and vitality. A fish tanks - it is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. By the way, ideal if one lives in the water black fish and eight gold. Putting the best aquarium in the aisle, but not opposite the toilet or the door, or your entire fortune will go out of the house. Bedroom The smaller things in it, the calmer your sleep. Here, a subtle energy qi must move quietly, without twists. The bed is better to put in a corner from the entrance to the bedroom, but at the same time so that the bed could see the front door to the room. In no case do not put the bed opposite the mirror or mirrored wardrobe. Otherwise, you may experience health problems. Poor, if the bed headboard or feet facing the window or door and to the wall, where there is a door. A place to sleep must be reliable and thorough. Unsustainable bed leads to instability and loss. Source - AIF.